In this getting started guide, you'll learn how to set up and authenticate your requests, interact with the Chat Endpoint, and parse the API's responses.

This API allows you to generate content for various technology products like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, desktops, TVs, and monitors. With the Chat Endpoint, you can create product descriptions, write tech articles, blog posts, video scripts, and more, making it an ideal solution for e-commerce stores, chat applications, tech blogs, and any other creative use cases you can imagine.

To use the API, you must include your Bearer Token in the request header. To obtain a Bearer Token, please sign up on our website.

The API accepts a JSON payload with a single property called "query". This is where you specify the question or information you are looking for.

Multilingual Support
The API supports multiple languages, allowing users to send questions in any language they prefer. This opens up opportunities to cater to a diverse audience and expand your product offering across various regions.

To use the API in a different language, simply phrase your query in the desired language.

Example Queries
Here are some diverse example queries to help you better understand the potential use cases for chat

  1. Product Description (English) Generate a product description for the Samsung Galaxy S23.
  2. Battery Life Information (French) Quelle est l'autonomie de la batterie du OnePlus 10 Pro?
  3. Laptop Specifications (Japanese) デル XPS 15 のスペックを教えてください。

The API will return a JSON object with a "message" property containing the response to your query.